Monday, September 26, 2011

Last But Not Least...A Little Update

& Finally...I've made a lot of posts today!

Just a description of my well-being as of late. 

A few weeks ago, my Peace Corps group had our Mid-Service medical. This is required after one has reached being in country for one year. During this time they do a basic physical, ask if you have any health concerns, and let you go get your teeth cleaned. During the physical they take blood, urine, & stool samples; which they then use to test for most of the common afflictions associated with living as PCV's do, in the bush.

In terms of my results, all was as it should be aside from the fact that i (along with some of my friends) tested positive for having contracted Bilharzias aka Schistosomiasis; we probably contracted this from swimming in Lake Victoria. This is a type of trematode (worm) that gets into the body and uses the circulatory system to spread throughout the body and infect organs & what have you. It is easily treated & i have taken the medicine so i should be worm free now. :o)

Here is a website that can tell you a bit more:

Also, this past week (Thursday to be exact) i had an slight accident on the matatu...the driver had to suddenly slam on his brakes causing my head to whip forward at which point i went face first into a safety bar. Luckily, i took the blow mouth first, ha ha, thus breaking my two front teeth and ripping a rather sizable portion of my lower lip to shreds. I figure thats better than getting a broken nose... :0)

Other than that all is going well for me. I will be finished with my service relatively soon & have plenty to keep me busy until then. I plan to begin the job hunt rather soon, looking for opportunities both in the states and abroad; if anyone has any recommendation or hears of any openings i might be interested in let me know! Oh, and ill be getting my teeth repaired soon.

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care

A Couple More Safari Pics...

One of these pictures is of the Wildebeast Migration (the thing so famous from TV). This year The Migration was a bit lack-luster but fortunately i was able to witness one of the Wildebeast crossings of the Mara River.

There is also a picture of my brother & sister, doing their laundry by hand...i figured it was a good experience for them to have! 

Also, there is a picture of my brother in a Maasai Jumping Competition! He lost, rather horribly i might add! :0)

Oh, and there is a picture of some meat my friends and i BBQ'd on some hot embers. We wrapped the meat in banana leaves and buried it in the turned out pretty good!

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care

Some More Safari Pictures...

And Hello Again!

Here are some more pictures from the safari's that I've been on. If you look on Facebook i think I'm tagged in some safari pictures my visitors have taken. There may also be more pictures from my Mt. Kilimenjaro expedition!

The best safari pictures were taken by my friends Jesse & Grant; if you know them I'd check out their Facebook's or their Flickr pages. On that safari we not only saw the Big Five (Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, & Leopard) but also a full on battle between two male lions! One of which had half of his face ripped off! We got pictures and video of the battle!

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care

Water Project!

Hey Again Everyone,

Here are a couple pictures from the Enkitoria Community Dispensary Water Project i did in July. This project aimed to repair the public tap at the Enkitoria Community Dispensary (Clinic) and establish a new tap at the nearby Mara Shiners Academy (a primary, aka elementary, school). There are before & after pictures of the clinic tap & a couple pictures of some students at Mara Shiners Academy around their new tap.

We had a little difficulty with the builder but eventually all obstacles were overcome and the project is now complete.

The project was done in association with an organization called Appropriate Projects. This organization is part of the larger organization Water Charity. Appropriate Projects pre-funds projects for Peace Corps Volunteers. This means that before the money has been raised (the maximum monetary limit for all projects is 555$) Appropriate Projects fronts the Peace Corps Volunteer funding & then collects the money via private donations during and after the project. Currently, over half of the money for this project has been raised (333$)! I & the community appreciate the donations of all who have given. Below is the website for the project if anyone is interested in reading a more detailed description of the project and/or the community. It is also possible to donate from this web address via PayPal.

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care

Family Trip: Mt. Kilimenjaro & Safari

Hi All,

In July my family came to visit me. we traveled all over Kenya; we made it to Loitokitok where we visited my host family from training, to my site where my family saw my home, met my friends, explored my community, and went on a safari adventure!

Here are some pictures from that trip!

Overall, i've had many visitors from back in the states! It was great to see familiar faces & i really appreciate all who have made & will make the trip over here. To those that don't make it, i look forward to seeing you when i get wont be too long now!

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care

Emanyatta Construction.

Here are some pictures that i meant to post long ago...sorry i forgot about them.

These pictures are of a Emanyata (Traditional Maasai Homestead) that was being constructed near my home. 

I hope you enjoy them.

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care


Hi Everyone,

Here are a couple pictures of some trees i planted at my site. For Peace Corps 50th Anniversary each volunteer in Kenya was alloted 50 of these trees for their community. They are called Muringa Trees & are actually quite amazing! They are extraordinarily healthy, containing massive amounts of nutrients. They are also used by some for medicinal purposes. Best of all, they don't take much to grow up healthy & strong as they don't require much water or rich soil! For more info look them up on the web!

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care

Roof Repairs! Finally Finished!

Hi everyone!

As you may remember in March my roof (the roof of the community clinic) was destroyed during a storm. My younger brother, Connor, held a fundraiser to help with repair costs.

These are some pictures of the building now that we've finally completed all of the repairs! (There are also pictures of the damage as well)

Thanks to all who donated, your generosity is greatly appreciated!

P.s. We are currently working on a project proposal that will allow us (Enkitoria Community Dispensary/Clinic) to start an IGA (Income Generating Activity). This, we hope will allow for a more sustainable future! One where outside assistance will not be needed when problems arise. More on that project to come....

Thanks Again!

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Couple More Pics Of Sabore Depe

These are pics from before & after the little guys surgery! Also, there is an article i wrote for the PCK newsletter about our trip & an article written by Polly a friend i met who is a volunteer with Operation Smile.

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Operation Smile

These are couple pictures of the second child that was helped by Operation Smile. She, like the other child, had a cleft lip. She is 7 years old. Her mother & family were VERY excited to be able to get the operation; they have been looking for help since she was born.

F. Porter Nellans Jr. - From Kenya With Care